Free download Noah v1.02 for XP and Vista

Noah v1.02 for XP and Vista

Noah is perfect for Web mail users who want desktop access to their email
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4 November 2007

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While working on so many things there must have faced a situation of chaos because you’re not able to find a file that you made some time back. Get the Noah v1.02 for XP and Vista 1.02, that would let you have all the things arranged in a proper manner. It’s simple to work with and the program would manage your data in a structured and elegant manner. The software helps you to have different e-mail accounts and manage the mailing system also.

The software Noah v1.02 for XP and Vista 1.02 can easily be downloaded and the time it takes is well worth the effort. Install and launch it so that it starts up working to make things better. The appearance of the software is looks a bit full of work as it ahs different options placed on the screen. You can have different e-mail accounts that it can manage altogether and let you have your mails checked without any chaos. It can easily manage bulk of mails that you receive and organize them so that you do not feel hectic while selecting the ones you want to check out. You can change the settings so that and have the program manage your files by name, date, etc so that it becomes easy for you to manage them. Its rich in features that would let you have a better working experience. You can have your contacts managed and all you data kept safe with ease that you would find any files simply by few clicks. You would not require spending so much time troubling your self to find the required file. It supports importing email settings, mails and contacts from Outlook etc and also it provides an automatic setup for email accounts of like Gmail, Yahoo,, etc. The software seems to be a bit complicated because of so many options but it also serves you with a help file that provides all the required information about the program.

The software Noah v1.02 for XP and Vista 1.02 would take you out of your many troubles that waste up a lot of your time. The 4.5 rating is perfectly justified for the software which makes life much easy for many a computer user

Publisher's description

Noah is the first application to free your information from the separate "data islands" of your browser, email client, contact manager, file folders, schedule and RSS feeds. Noah bridges these currently divided data sources and makes it all accessible from a single interface. And your data is always available, online or offline.
Emails, website bookmarks, desktop files, contacts, it's all in there somewhere. But how do you dig through the thousands of ad-mails and spam-mails to find that really important one from your client, or your boss. Remember that Word document you prepared for him? Where did you put it? In Noah you never have to spend hours searching for this stuff again, it's all in one place arranged by date and time. If you can roughly remember when something happened, you can find it with a few clicks, and you will find everything else that was happening during the same day, hour, or minute. Because Noah arranges all of your information automatically, exactly the way you want it.
Import email settings, emails and contacts from Outlook and Thunderbird plus there's automatic setup for Gmail, Lycos, Yahoo, Netscape,, and Tiscali email accounts.
Setting up Noah is a breeze with the setup wizard. Importing or setting up an account can be completed with a few clicks, and there's no limit to the number of accounts that you can setup at the same time. Want to keep thousands of emails from all of your email accounts neatly arranged in Noah? No problem, that's what it was designed for, and with it's powerful database and fast interface even very large numbers of emails can be organized and accessed in a flash.
Even though Noah contains more advanced data management features then any similar application, it doesn't require a computer science degree to use it. Noah has a simple, intuitive, interface with easy to find commands - drag, drop, done!
Noah v1.02 for XP and Vista
Noah v1.02 for XP and Vista
Version 1.02
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